Video Content Management In today’s fast pace world people are busy. We are more mobile than ever and due to this it can be increasingly hard to get all of the people you want in a meeting in a room at one time.

Over the years this has led to teleconferencing, web conferencing and telepresence as an alternative, but even to make those types of calls happen everyone still has to be available at the same time AND they need to be somewhere with good internet and ideally not too much noise.

Sometimes, the message being shared doesn’t require all to be in the same room or even available at the same time. In fact, sometimes a meeting is more of a one way communication and the important thing is the ability for the audience to see and hear the content within a certain period when it is convenient for all parties. This is why video content management is key to the future of business communication. Here are 5 more reasons why Video Content Management may be a great solution for your business or organization.

  1. Convenience: No matter what the message is, with a video content management system your employees, customers or suppliers can visit and consume the content when it is convenient for them and the creator can make the video when it works for them. This allows people to spend their days out of meetings and busy producing, which is key for most businesses.
  2. Training: It turns out most people are much more visual learners and this is why a video content system can really make a difference. Capture and record how-to videos or important educational content and employees can go back and view the videos on-demand. Also new employees can get more consistent training by following a regiment of videos to teach them about the business and/or their role.
  3. Flexibility: With a capture stream solution that organizes and manages your video content it still allows real time meetings for those available. So not only is it convenient to view later, but those that are available in real time can still attend without having to worry about those that are out missing anything. Further more the right video content management system is cloud friendly and the videos can be viewed from anywhere that you have Internet service.
  4. Search Friendly: We all know that with so many emails, videos and other informational pieces being shared it can be hard to find the information you are looking for later. Video content management makes searching and finding the content you are looking for easy.
  5. Analytics: Video content management provide helpful analytics from generic such as how many views to specific such as who exactly viewed the content and when. While you can never be 100% sure someone didn’t just fire up the video and head to dinner, the ability to see who is watching the content can make it easier to make sure that important messages have been seen by the people that most need to see them.

With faster Internet and cloud computing becoming the norm, video content management is becoming a more affordable and useful solution for businesses that are seeking to improve communications while allowing their employees to be as productive as possible.

Have you considered a video content management solution for your business or organization? At Advanced AV we help companies use technology to solve complex business problems every day. Let’s have a conversation and see how we can help deliver better outcomes for your business. 

Image: Creative Commons via Flickr