When it comes to business communications, delivery methods are almost as important as communication methods themselves. If a company does not have a reliable way to access the type of communications they need to use on a daily basis, it will be exceedingly difficult to communicate with clients and colleagues efficiently. Subscription based video conferencing and unified communications solutions are two highly desirable options because of several critical benefits that they provide for users:

1. You Only Pay For What You Need

By their nature, subscription based video conferencing tools allow users to only pay for the services and user capacity that they require. There is no need to invest in more resources than your business needs, since you will have a choice about what kind of plan you want and these options will be well-defined when you are making this decision.

2. No Stress Over Repairs

If something goes wrong with your video conferencing or unified communications plan, there is no need for you to worry about having to repair any hardware or troubleshoot your software. This task is left to the company that you are depending on for your subscription: the most reliable providers will be able to fix these issues in a prompt manner.

3. More Scalability

Are you looking to increase the amount of users or bandwidth that your video conferencing or unified communications platform can support? With an on-premise model, it can be very difficult to make these kinds of upgrades. You will probably have to buy new hardware and change up the cable infrastructure of your facility. With a subscription-based model, you simply call up your provider and let them know that you would like to upgrade your subscription plan. Often the change can go into effect in a fraction of the time required to change the hardware or physical infrastructure of your office.

4. Less Space Limitation

Does your office only have a set amount of space where you can store servers? This will severely limit your ability to upgrade your unified communications or video conferencing solutions. On the other hand, subscription based providers are usually equipped to provide services for a large number of users. With these kinds of plans, your office can support unified communications and video conferencing even if your space for hardware or phone lines is more limited than your requirements for communications.

5. Improved Call Quality

When you use premium, enterprise-based video conferencing services, you never have to stress about laggy calls or choppy audio interfering with your video conferences. These providers specialize in offering paying customers top-notch services, and the best ones will deliver. Ross Forgione, CIO of Australian law firm Johnson Winter & Slattery, concisely sums up this point in an article on Lifehacker Australia: “If I’m using Skype to talk to my dad, I don’t care if it goes click sometimes or the connection goes down. When you’re in a corporate environment…the clarity of the image and the distribution of that content adds to the message you’re driving towards.”

The key takeaway from these points is that if you can find a dependable, fairly-priced provider of subscription based video conferencing and unified communications solutions, it will be well worth it to utilize these services.

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