Unified communications is defined by collaboration. Collaboration is Advanced AV working closely with its customers to address their needs. An additional benefit of that collaboration is that it improves the value of the relationship and deepens the common core connection between the parties.

In the past, the norms of business communications practices generally focused on singular, disconnected communications tools and devices. However, today’s savvy 21st Century businesses realize that the key to unparalleled success in the workplace hinges on the implementation of unified communication technologies that increase virtual collaboration.
Today’s business world is quite complex. Global value chains, mobile workforces, social networking, and pervasive video, are examples of the complexities we face. These examples along with many others result in what is commonly referred to as information overload; the new normal. To address these business complexities, Advanced AV connects people, information, and teams, through unified communications, helping to enable comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences. As a unified communications business, Advanced AV:

  • Connects co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need
  • Facilitates optimal team interactions, dynamically unifying individuals, virtual workgroups, and diverse teams
  • Offers an array of technologies that provide video communications via the desktop, the road, and on-demand, more easily than making a phone call
  • Innovates across the value chain by integrating collaboration and communications into applications and business processes

Additional outcomes falling under the unified communications umbrella include visual collaboration deployments with an array of endpoint choices. Some of the most intriguing endpoint choices in unified communications are telepresence, digital signage, and rich media applications for voice and video at the desktop or through personal, mobile devices.

Furthermore, the growing use of tablets and smartphones supports the trends in collaborative media integration and unified communications. People are tied to their mobile devices and bring them everywhere, including the office. By choosing an experienced unified communications integrator, clients can develop a competitive edge and experience a dramatic ROI. Innovative unified communications integrators such as Advanced AV are moving clients from best practices; singular communications, to next practices; unified communications.