Case Study

Flying eggs. Meandering cows. Dancing umbrellas or brightly colored sunglasses. These are just a few of the animated images you might see if you drive by (or, better yet, drive through) a Swiss Farms store. Read more

More and more often, video displays are providing entertainment and information in venues that run the gamut from grocery store checkout lanes to airports. Where there is an audience, there is a way to deliver a message in the dynamic new format known as digital signage.

These networked video displays give new life to static menu boards, retail promotions, way-finding, corporate communications, and campus events. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, as Advanced AV’s dedicated digital signage division, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), provides the technology insights to meet your visual communications needs.

Working with clients to add new depth to formerly static information via scheduled content delivery or on-the-fly message changes, ATG can help develop ways to captivate passersby or even generate revenue with ad sponsorship. Digital signage solutions can be customized to fit a diverse array of applications. Single displays make an effective addition to lobby areas or restaurants, and moving upward in number, digital signage screens can deliver a consistent and controlled message to a vast number of endpoints.

Digital signage is much more than text displayed on a video screen. ATG can help you streamline the presentation of a diverse collection of video formats, still images, news and weather feeds, and your own message content. A robust technology backbone will be implemented to ensure the success of your digital signage system, and with ATG’s operator training, you’ll have the power to manage content either on-site or remotely. ATG has the abundant experience and knowledge necessary to consult with clients about digital signage’s latest technology releases and create a solution uniquely suited to your needs.