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The Cloud – Collaborative Virtual Space

I had just passed my securities licensing exam and the company required our presence at a conference 200 miles away from our home office. Ten of us drove the two hundred miles from Philadelphia to Hartford to attend the three day meeting. Accommodations, meals, gas and other expenses added up to a good bit of money, even twenty years ago. One associate needed to catch a flight out of Philadelphia International Airport the day we were driving back. Our caravan of cars sped through flooded freeways to get our colleague to his plane on time. The experience was memorable but the expense of bringing people together in one place was only outpaced by the time lost out of the office. The lost productivity and the time away from the business of doing business had a rippling effect that lasted for days after the conference. There had to be a better way.

Two decades later, business communications has migrated through numerous technologies including conference-calling, video phones, video-conferencing and telepresence. Numerous advanced technologies have been developed to reduce the time and expense of distant meetings. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) has helped to bring multiple people in different locations together without those people leaving their local offices, classrooms or homes. Video Teleconferencing and Telepresence have evolved beyond early beginnings of massive investment, limited graphics, jittery motion and poor quality audio. Today’s systems include cloud-based solutions with multiple end-points including large venues, the desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Major providers are now beginning to reach beyond some of the constraints of “traditional” video teleconferencing. Today, clients are looking to their unified communication integrators like Advanced AV to design more collaborative environments across multiple, global locations. To that end, “Cloud Telepresence Systems” […]

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Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc. Welcomes Stefan Schade as Director of Engineering

WEST CHESTER, PA – January 23, 2011 – Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc., the area’s leading audiovisual integrator, has announced the addition of Stefan Schade as Director of Engineering.
Stefan Schade brings a career of experience in unified communications, global videoconference operations, technology, telepresence, AV and VC system design, project management and global systems deployment. As the new Director of Engineering, Stefan will have overall responsibility for engineering, drafting, programming, and sales support. “I have the responsibility to coordinate the activities of the various parts of the engineering team and to foster communications providing improved end-results and increased profitability. I am focused on increasing communications between the engineering team and the other departments,” states Schade.

Stefan most recently, and over the past five years, worked in the Unified Communications organization at Merck. Prior to that he worked in the Audio-Visual/Video-Conferencing groups at Merck and at Wyeth(Pfizer). The relationship between Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc. (AAV) and Stefan has a long history that evolved over the last 10 years as he was developing the AV and VC standards for Merck. AAV was the integrator on several large projects that Stefan managed at Merck including the expansion of the Upper Gwynedd facility and the opening of the Cokesbury campus.

Stefan’s approach to his new position as Director of Engineering is enhanced by the relationship that developed over the past 10 years with AAV. “I’m extremely excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience with the exceptional team at AAV. The exciting changes in our industry including new, more robust networks supporting HD video, remote access and control system improvements, and ever-increasing device resolution demands are a challenge just waiting for a great team like Advanced Audio Visual to […]

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CI Profile: Michael Boettcher, Advanced AV

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January 2012

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Travis A. Lisk, CTS-I, Promoted to Vice-President of Technical Operations at Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc.

Multi-Faceted Engineer, Technology Specialist and Certified Trainer Travis A. Lisk to Manage Technical Operations

WEST CHESTER, PA – January 3, 2012 – Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc., the area’s leading AV systems integrator, has announced the promotion of Travis A. Lisk, CTS-I to Vice-President of Technical Operations.
Travis A. Lisk, CTS-I will assume operations management of multiple departments at Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc. As Vice President of Technical Operations, Travis will be heavily involved in the day-to-day operations leading the Engineering and Production teams in completing projects on time and under budget. In addition to these leadership roles, Lisk will also have oversight in the maintenance of technology systems within Advanced AV’s facilities, headquartered in West Chester, PA.

Beginning as a Field Installer with the company in 1998, Lisk has served as Service Coordinator, Technical and Quality Assurance Manager and Director of Engineering for Advanced AV while working his way up within the company’s ranks. Lisk will continue to contribute to the enhancement of Advanced AV employees’ expertise as an InfoComm educator.

Lisk holds InfoComm’s CTS-I certification and teaches CTS Prep for InfoComm. As Academy Faculty, Lisk was bestowed a Certificate of Honor and a complete listing posted on the InfoComm website.

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Unified Communications – Human Extension Shapes the Way

This past week I slid my finger across my iPhone screen and was greeted by a beautiful Japanese Zen garden background that I had recently selected as wallpaper. A subtle beep alerted me that it was my turn in one of my Words with Friends games but this was not the reason I unlocked my phone. Instead of the game, I needed a phone number for a restaurant: Safari to the rescue. As I googled the restaurant’s name, an incoming text message alerted me a server was down at the office. I found the number I needed, and nimbly switched apps to YouTube and found a video about the restaurant I was interested in. With one easy click, I had the greeter on the phone and I made my reservation. I then remotely accessed the server at the office, made a simple correction and it was quickly back on-line.

In the course of a few minutes I had played a game, watched a video, made a phone call, contacted my office, scheduled a reservation, re-booted the server and checked my email: a unification of technologies in the palm of my hand, on my desktop at the office or my iPad at home. As we approach 2012, Audio Visual (AV) and Integrated Technologies (IT) have done more than just converge; they have simply melded into one unified form of communications.

About eight years ago, many leaders in the “Audio-Visual” integration field began accepting that AV and IT were merging. The “AV/IT Convergence” term began greeting attendees at major trade shows, appearing in industry newsletters and moving to the home page of many web sites. As this trend unfolded I saw changes occurring in the […]

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A New Era in Digital Signage for AstraZeneca

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November 2011

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Driving technology to all wireless anywhere, anytime?

Where’s Wireless

As we venture through our daily lives at work, in our communities and at home, the mobile device has become an appendage to our humanity. Each day, more and more people are using their phones and tablets for an ever expanding array of productivity and entertainment applications.

Technical details of the various current and proposed future wireless standards are best handled by experts such as Matthew Gast. In 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide (O’Reilly Media), now in its second edition, Gast covers every detail of WAN and WEP and all in between. Where we dare to venture is to the specific usage of wireless in the Integrated Audio Visual Systems’ world. How can Media Managers and IT Directors cut costs and provide better support to their internal clients by implementing wireless in control, video and audio distribution and projected displays all around unified communications.

Sitting in a local hospital’s radiology center recently, I was taken aback by the patients of all different ages, races, and genders who were waiting for their name to be called. Every person had their phone out, in hand with head down, doing something or other with that device. The usual busy stack of magazines lay idle on a table collecting dust. Less than two years ago I recall sitting in the lobby of a cardiologist’s office. The age range was a bit older but there was still age, gender and race diversity. Very few were using smartphones during their wait. In that short period of time; less than 2 years, the explosion of wireless technologies has made the use of these devices commonplace. E-mail, web-searching, shopping, texting, tweeting, taking pictures, voice activated memos, banking, buying a […]

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Charming Retrofit – Advanced AV Breathes Life Back Into Historic Theater

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