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Advanced AV Achieves Premier Certification from Cisco United States

West Chester, Pennsylvania – February 25, 2013 – Advanced AV announced today it has achieved Premier Certification from Cisco®. To earn Premier Certification, Advanced AV had to meet standards for networking competency, service, support and customer satisfaction set forth by Cisco.
“I am delighted to see the reward of our employee’s commitment, effort and dedication in achieving the Premiere certification. Cisco Premiere Certification provides proof of our concrete pledge to our partnership with Cisco as well as Advanced AV’s resolute dedication and ability to deliver to our clients the technical knowledge, experience and service level they have come to expect with an Advanced AV System Solution.” John Greene, VP of Sales and Marketing
“Cisco is committed to providing tools, training and programs to help drive partner growth, differentiation and profitability,” said Surinder Brar, chief strategist of the Worldwide Partner Organization at Cisco. “With specializations in Express Foundation and Small Business, Advanced AV has made an investment in delivering the integrated and customized technology solutions today’s customers demand.” ​​
As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, Advanced AV demonstrates a range of technical expertise. To achieve Cisco Premier Certification Advanced AV was required to achieve the Cisco Express Foundation Specialization.
This specialization includes tests on technical competency in the integration of basic routing and switching, wireless LANs, and security technologies. In addition, Advanced AV was required to integrate a base level of Cisco Lifecycle Services into their offerings and demonstrate measurably high levels of customer satisfaction based on independently audited customer satisfaction surveys. ​
The Cisco Resale Channel Program provides partners with the training required to build sales, technical and Cisco Lifecycle Services skills. Cisco resale partner certifications—Gold, Silver, Premier and Select—represent an increasing breadth of skills across […]

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AV in the Cloud

Cloud computing has been a “hot topic” for the past year or so, and more and more the phrase has been creeping into AV publications as if it were the next big thing. Perhaps it is, but before you take the plunge into AV in the cloud, some background might be useful.

At its most basic, the cloud is a remote set of servers and storage maintained and managed by a third party. From these vast server farms, software and data is stored and moved to anywhere in the world.

In a sense, much of AV has been moving to “the cloud” for many years. For instance…

Digital Signage has been a cloud service almost since it’s inception, with creation, scheduling and maintenance being at a central location, and distributing it to locations worldwide.
Teleconferencing has migrated from a telephony service to an internet service of the past decade.
More and more often, service and support for our equipment has been done via the internet, allowing manufacturers and service facilities to hook into our equipment with a network connection, then trouble shoot and even repair many systems without making a service call.

The promise of cloud computing is less cost, less IT infrastructure and less need for on site support for complex systems. It sounds ideal. But there are caveats and things you need to be aware of before deciding how far to take Cloud AV.

One is connectivity. When AV is a local service, whether in a single building or a single campus, you have control over the speed and robustness of the IT and network infrastructure. Once you go beyond your walls to the public internet, you are at the mercy of the lareger IT network.

In many locations, that connectivity […]

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What more can I do? Let’s get started…

Tory Holmwood, a Project Manager for Advanced AV and a member of Women in AV, will be traveling to Uganda in March to give back to an amazing cause. This generosity and practice of giving back to the community runs in her family. The family took their cue from her mother, who co-founded a non-profit organization seven years ago, called ECHOES Around the World. ECHOES – which stands for Educating Children & Communities for Health Opportunities, Enlightenment & Survival – is based outside Philadelphia with a mission statement that declaresECHOES works directly with local communities, focusing on education, health and welfare. We seek to support innovative, dynamic and accountable leadership in marginalized areas of the world.

An integral part of ECHOES’ work is their support of the Trinity Children’s Centre, Centenary High School and the Double Cure Medical Centre in Uganda.

Tory will be traveling to Uganda with a new start-up called Deahla (which means ‘to share’ in Swedish), founded by her sister Lindsay. The company’s mission is to take the guesswork out of giving to charity by scouring the globe for the most impactful non-profits, and creating high-quality, professional films about their work. They will present the impact the charity has on the community being served, and try to inspire young donors to give. Deahla’s central goal is to make it straightforward for young people to find and support non-profit causes by inspiring them with entertaining, sharable short films utilizing social media as just one delivery vehicle.

The group, along with two filmmakers, will head to Uganda from March 5th-16th to shoot a film about the great work being done on the ground in the Trinity school and the medical clinic, which are supported by ECHOES. Tory will be […]

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Advanced AV Wins NSCA Business Excellence Award in the Category of Marketing Strategies

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Christie to Debut Weatherproof LCD Flat Panels

Christie to Debut Weatherproof LCD Flat Panels

The 55-inch Christie FHD551-W, first of the WeatherAll Series, is a professional grade full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution) solution. It is designed to perform in a wide range of applications, including outdoor sporting venues, outdoor live events, architectural applications, entertainment parks, public displays, the hospitality and resort industry, transportation services, and other outdoor environments not typically applicable with standard LCD panels.

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Introducing the New Sharp PN-R Series Professional LED Displays

Introducing the New Sharp PN-R Series Professional LED Displays

The PN-R903 is the most impressive model in the lineup and an extremely appealing choice for maximum impact in large public spaces such as retail and fashion. When positioned in portrait mode, it stands a jaw-dropping 6’ 8” tall, so it creates true life-size imagery. Large enough to seamlessly replace a 2×2 video wall, the PN-R903 offers easy set-up and installation, requiring much less wiring and computer support with virtually no calibration requirements.

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Panasonic’s First Lamp-Free Projectors Lead Next Generation Reliability

Panasonic’s First Lamp-Free Projectors Lead Next Generation Reliability

With the newly developed LED/Laser-combined light source, enjoy solid reliability, excellent TCO and long-lasting brightness unprecedented by convetional lamp-based projectors.

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February 2013

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Advanced AV House of Worship article by Dawn Allcot- Open the Doors to Better Sound – Sound & Communications Magazine

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January 2013

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