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December 2010

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November 2010

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October 2010

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Advanced AV Updates Website

Advanced AV, a systems integration firm based in West
Chester, Pennsylvania, is wrapping up its 25th year in business with a revamped website that showcases the
company’s growing expertise and dedication to serving clients’ needs. Looking ahead to its next quarter
century in business, Advanced AV has created a streamlined website that reflects its vision for great
customer service and staying on the inside track of changing technology with continual training of its tech-
savvy team.

“Over the course of our history as a company, we’ve seen the industry shift from a one-stop-shop approach
toward a need for more nuanced providers of audiovisual solutions,” said Advanced AV president Mike
Boettcher. “We’ve grown and changed our business model to provide the dedicated expertise which
ensures our that clients’ ideas become a reality. As a gateway for clients interested in working with us, our
new website provides clear information about our offerings in AV systems integration, videoconferencing
and telepresence, digital signage, and service and maintenance. Visitors to the site will learn that in addition
to our engineering expertise, we are a company dedicated to our industry and our customers.”

The new, easy-to-navigate Advanced AV website showcases the company’s long history in the mid-
Atlantic region and the training and expertise behind its sales, design, integration, and service offerings. As
an InfoComm CAVSP Diamond Certified company, Advanced AV has InfoComm-certified staff in every
department, from service to sales administration.

Alongside information about the company’s history and industry partnerships, the website details
Advanced AV’s leadership structure with management bios. A detailed process statement illustrates how
customer service, personnel, training, and service come together in the delivery of a complete integrated
system at the conclusion of every project.

“We’ve built our company on a foundation of engineering know-how and grown it into a sophisticated
sales organization which translates customers’ needs into functional, […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Advanced AV Brings Digital Signage Communication and Expertise to Citadel

Helping customers make sense of digital signage solutions in today’s market can be tricky. To the untrained person, many of the digital signage systems look alike. We integrate over twenty different digital signage systems at Advanced AV and always have customers answer a ten question survey so we can help them narrow down the products that best fit their needs.

We recently installed a digital signage network for Citadel, a federally chartered credit union in Pennsylvania.They have fourteen locations across the state – some of them are new retail offices (branches) and others are retrofits. At the time they approached us for help, they were considering a digital signage system to replace printed posters in their retail offices. Digital signage would eliminate printing costs and also save on the man hours required to ship new posters and have someone swap them out for the old ones.

My division within Advanced AV, called the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), specializes in helping customers like Citadel navigate any technology that runs across a network. We run a fully functional testing facility and bring in all of the digital signage platforms that we integrate with a goal to break them… and then fix them. We’re also beta testers for many of the digital signage system manufacturers.

My group also builds every signage server and player as a means of quality control. We keep a database of parts that go into every computer. ATG is a Microsoft OEM dealer so we use quality parts and ensure that every computer can run any of the twenty-plus signage platforms we sell.

Citadel came to our facility for a demo; we looked at several different platforms but eventually settled on Tightrope Media Systems. Citadel needed simple, easy […]

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AV Wellness at Main Line Health

Advanced AV, with multiple locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region, has taken a holistic approach to meeting the needs of Main Line Health, a group of hospitals and health centers in a northwestern suburb of Philadelphia. The firm, which designs, builds, and installs major collaborative meeting environments around IT networking technologies, has initiated AV equipment standards across the medical group to streamline operation and maintenance and reduce requirements for in-house personnel.

“They have a lot of the same challenges that many organizations have,” noted Advanced AV account executive Eric Bixler. “They have limited AV staff. They’re primarily supported by IT, which also supports the desktops.

Main Line Health maintains several principal hospitals, in Wynnewood, Bryn Mawr, and Paoli, in addition to The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Conference Center for Medical Education at Lankenau Hospital. With the facilities scattered along the historic railway corridor, Bixler asked, “How do they support all these different rooms and locations with limited staff?”

When the health group’s director of information services customer support, Steve Czapla, came on- board five years ago, he soon discovered there was no reliable after-sales service from the existing vendor. After an initial trial project with Advanced AV, Czapla spoke with Bixler about putting service contracts in place across the group, and soon found that “their response times for service are amazing,” Czapla reported.

In addition to the service contracts, Advanced AV is delving into its experience in the healthcare sector to create a more tenable technology solution for Main Line Health. “We’ve been working with them to help them develop standards so that they can have a serviceable and maintainable solution,” Bixler said. “Now we’re in the process of renovating and updating technology so that the end user experience is […]

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September 2010

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We’ve added a new case study

Advanced AV recently worked with the U.S. office of a global specialty biopharmaceutical company to implement a flexible meeting space. Click here for more.

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Is This Thing On?

By Llanor Alleyne

With the advent of wireless microphones and conference systems, the most obvious advantage has been freedom from cable runs, which can cost both time and money. The ensuing design flexibility can be a godsend to consultants, integrators, and clients.

“There are instances where table-installed microphones are just not possible,” said Alicyn Frenchman, sales engineer for West Chester, PA-based integration firm, Advanced AV. “Additionally, ceiling microphones are not ideal due to ambient noise created by HVAC systems. There are times where running cables are not possible or add too much cost to the project. Wireless microphones provide the flexibility for motion without the interference of cables. When designing for audio conferencing, wireless microphones that have been properly set up work wonderfully.”

The embracing of wireless mics and conference systems does come with caveats, however. Due to transmission issues (interference, white noise, etc.) these systems can be lacking in the performance department.“

That wireless microphones have improved in sound quality and reliability is certainly true, but they still can’t match the performance and reliability of a $30 mic cable,” said Ray A. Rayburn, principal consultant for K2 Audio in Boulder, CO. “We use wireless where appropriate to the needed functionality of the system, but don’t view this as simplifying the system design and implementation. Simplicity at the expense of lower reliability and higher cost (both initial and running costs) is usually not a trade-off that is an advantage for our clients.”

Practical Considerations

The bane of wireless technology is interference. Wireless microphones and conference systems are no different. Signal degradation can make a perfectly working system conk out at the most inconvenient time—a consequence the client will not be interested in understanding when they are in the middle of a […]

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