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CES2015 was all about the Internet of Things

Cisco predicts that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, while The Economist reports that close to 75% of global corporate leaders are exploring the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). Clearly, IoT is hot and happening. So what is the Internet of Things? And, why it is such a big deal in the electronics community? What impact will it have on audio visual and collaboration spaces in the future? Let’s explore answers to these questions.

An Introduction to the Internet of Things, or IoT

IoT is a network of objects, a network that is formed by objects connected via the Internet. There are three parts that make it up: the objects, the network connecting the objects, and the computing systems that utilize the data flowing to and from the IoT.  The IoT’s best and most popular examples are home automation, car, and appliance automation. Driverless cars that use sensors are the latest on the list of IoT based devices. Research suggests that most of the traffic congestions we experience is due to the inability to find parking places. To beat these traffic odds, cities like San Carlos, California; Barcelona, Spain; and Hamburg, Germany have already started working on embedded network sensors to help drivers find open parking spots. Connecting sensors to traffic lights and signage is probably not far behind. Those are just a few examples of the types of objects included in the IoT.

CES 2015 – All about the Wearables

CES 2015 was really focused on IoT and wearable technology at its best. According to Samsung Electronics’ president and CEO, Boo-Keun Yoon, who delivered the keynote at this year’s event, IoT has already ushered in some of the futuristic […]

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What Does 2015 Hold for Audio Visual Technology Users?

2014 was a great year for the audio visual industry with AV technology providers garnering better sales and a growing interest among tech users. But since the AV industry is a fast-changing landscape, we can expect some new trends and best practices to emerge this year. 2014 saw wireless collaboration and huddle room technology at its zenith. With the economy on a rebound, investments in better AV technology look like the natural progression as enterprises seek ways to collaborate with vide, using high-end devices to save costs on travel and other collaboration expenses.

With technology evolving so quickly, what does this year hold for companies that are looking to enhance presentations, deliver better training, and more in 2015? Are there any real changes coming, or will 2015 look much like 2014? Here are three predictions that enterprises and organizations should expect to see this year.

On-demand video will become the new norm for training and education. The improving economy will have a positive effect on all sectors in society, and we predict that education will see a boon. Higher education budgets will be stretched to fit in lecture capture, on demand video, and newer and better collaboration solutions using AV technology and IP based products. Video on demand (VOD) will be a great tool to use for training and education, because video or audio streams as required and there is no need to stick to a particular telecast time. VOD streaming will be on the rise in the year 2015. Online learning, based on video, will also be on demand. Multi-perspective video capture will aid training procedures in complex learning and communication environments.

Mobile will lead the way for consumption of content and become a hub for conferencing. […]

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Moving Content from Small to Big Screen

Mobile Content – A Convenient Preference?

Today more users prefer to consume content on mobile devices. It is true especially when content doesn’t need to be shared with others. For personal use, your smart phone will come to your rescue, for instance when you need to catch the latest updates or news and you don’t have the time or ability to log in from a desktop. Moreover, with the kind of applications and software available, it is easier to do a variety of things, from arranging a quick video call, to looking up a reference from your mobile.

But what about engagement with content? According to some recent studies, mobile content engagement isn’t as good as it is from larger screens or even a desktop. For one, it takes more effort to use sharing and engagement tools from mobile devices. Even though mobile devices have preference due to the relative convenience of their usage, the large screen hasn’t been replaced yet when it comes to sharing content with more than one viewer.

Mobile Content Sharing – Software, Applications, and Hardware Devices

There is a growing requirement for apps that can be easily downloaded to a mobile device and used to share content. When meeting with a group, it becomes important for everyone in the meeting room to be able to view and access content at the same time. Moreover, the ability to edit, create, print, or even share the content is also required. The content also needs to be accessible online and offline. These requirements need to be met for successful content sharing in the enterprise setting.

As meeting rooms are being designed, it is important to consider utilizing technology to meet business requirements. Whether that be with AppleTV, […]

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Advanced AV Achieves Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization

Press Contact:
Marina Gregory
Marketing Director, Advanced AV, LLC

Advanced AV, LLC Achieves Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization in USA
 West Chester, PA– December 8, 2014 – Advanced AV, LLC announced today that it has achieved the Cisco® Express Collaboration Specialization. This specialization recognizes Advanced AV, LLC as having fulfilled the training requirements and program prerequisites to sell, deploy and support integrated Cisco network solutions. The Express Collaboration Specialization brings together key solutions for Cisco routing, switching and wireless products.

“Advanced AV, LLC is pleased to achieve Express Collaboration Specialization status. As part of our commitment to our employees, Advanced AV has always made the investment of time and training necessary to achieve Cisco Certifications. We consider this achievement part of our responsibility to better serve our clients and professionally address their needs in the Unified Communication Technology Space” stated Advanced AV’s John Green, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Designed to focus on a customer’s collaboration infrastructure and to support new application capabilities, the Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization is a prerequisite for Cisco Premier Certification.

The Cisco Resale Channel Program provides a framework for partners to build the sales, technical and Cisco Lifecycle Services skills required to deliver Cisco solutions to end customers. Through the program’s specializations and certifications, Cisco recognizes a partner’s expertise in deploying solutions based on Cisco advanced technologies and services.

About Advanced AV, LLC

            Advanced AV, LLC has evolved with the advancement of technology into a specialized integrator of professional audiovisual systems for business, education, government, and worship facilities. Serving the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., Advanced AV has long proven track record of transforming clients’ technology objectives into reality. Advanced AV, LLC also offers Advanced Advantage, a fully customizable service solution. The range of offerings include; fully managed […]

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Remote Monitoring is About Piece (Peace) of Mind

The theory of remote monitoring centers on the simple statement of pro-activity and forecasting problem areas so that they don’t occur in the first place. From supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), to the Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring has gone through several stages of evolution. Whether it is AV or IT systems that need monitoring, there are means and tools to do so. The problem begins when the threat of failure at those crucial hours takes a ‘piece’ of your mind away from other concerns. Let’s find out how remote monitoring can give you back your peace of mind.

IT Infrastructure – Remote Monitoring and Management

According to definition, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a collection of IT tools provided by IT service providers. The tools are loaded to the client’s workstations and servers where they gather information about the operations of hardware and applications. These tools report back to the service provider, which allows them to resolve any issues that the findings may forecast. RMM is a proactive method of keeping track of the network’s operations. It helps to enhance employee performance as well, because they no longer lose sleep over the added stress of IT issues that can cripple the entire workflow.

IT service providers offer remote monitoring solutions to give clients peace of mind that their systems are well looked after and any issues that pop up will be resolved in a timely manner. It is also a transparent way to resolve IT issues, as monitoring can eliminate doubts and questions among employees. It reduces downtime and increases the efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

What can fall within the scope of IT Remote Monitoring?

Vendor networks

The tools typically used to achieve this task include […]

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