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Moving Social Conversations into Live Sales Opportunities

Social Conversations: The Game Changer

At its earliest evolution, Ecommerce had no other choice but to depend on search engine performance to help drive sales and exposure. The higher a website would rank in web search, the better its visibility and the subsequent chance of conversion. With the emergence of social media channels people became more connected and closer to one another than ever before. As such, our ability to communicate and interact through social media channels and networks began a chain reaction that has changed the entire business and sales game.

A recent survey suggests that over 70% of companies (both B2B and B2C) acknowledge the profound impact that social media has on their targeted audience in terms of increasing brand awareness. Opportunity for live interaction is the prime factor that elevates social media from the traditional search engine visibility model.

Social media platforms have identified the potential they have to impact business based on their overwhelming acceptance among users. In the past several years, we have seen both Facebook and Twitter go public, we’ve seen LinkedIn continue its domination in the business space and we’ve watched Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat take off. Most importantly, and we’ve seen these social media platforms trend toward a focus less on being a place where people congregate and chat and more on monetizing the platforms and attracting brands and advertisers hungry to reach the audiences these platforms have amassed. But does social media really create leads and provide sales opportunities? Let’s take a look.

How Does Social Media Boost Sales Opportunities?

Consumers love personalized interaction, and social media channels provide marketers with the opportunity to give them what they want. Marketers can converse, address questions, gain feedback, and more in […]

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Virtual Meeting Rooms Are Changing the Face of Video Communication

There are three links to collaboration through video communication – device, location, and network. For AV integrators, the days of large, and expensive room integration projects are essentially over, as clients are looking for customized video communication. They want flexible resources so that users can employ equipment, data, networks, and space as they require, without sticking to a particular user manual. AV integrators are busy churning out newer and better video communication experiences as the old stand-by fails to impress or meet the demands of a variety of consumers, including the ad world, law offices, virtual office environments, and entertainment galleries.

The future belongs to those who are willing to modify and offer products and services that will allow clients to quickly and easily drop into a meeting room through a simple text or email link. Microsoft Lync is already offering such meeting environments. And it only makes sense that integrators who are paying attention to these trends and agile enough to adopt and adapt to the changing times and replace dedicated systems with cloud-based systems are the ones who will stay ahead of competition. Let’s talk about why that matters.

Flexibile Consumption – The Changing Face of Video Communication

Equipment, data centers, user-licenses, and endless training sessions – these are components of traditional video integration room projects. But it’s time to look beyond these. It’s time to introduce flexible consumption to video communication.

What is flexible consumption? The premise is simple – customer is king. They have the power and choice to use the video solution that specifically meets their needs. Investments in large equipment isn’t necessary when intelligent building technology, distance learning, IP visual communications, digital signage, unified communications, cloud videoconferencing, service, and maintenance can be utilized.  These […]

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Better Projects Through Better Sales Consulting

When it comes to AV integration projects, a critical step is often overlooked – pre-project sales consulting. Most integrators follow the list of requirements handed to them by the client without questioning their real need. We agree that with more available information today’s consumers are better informed, but they still need professional assistance to be able to decide what’s best suited to their requirements. It is, in fact, the responsibility of sales professionals to take the information and make it highly useful to the client. If this aspect is not taken care of, a wide gap arises between what the client wants and what he or she gets, defeating the ultimate purpose of the project as a whole.

So, how do we add value to the clients on top of what we are being asked to sell? The answer lies in pre-project consulting, which is geared toward fully understanding the client’s needs and then applying the available information to offer greater solutions.

Know your clients

Knowing your clients is the most important first step for all your AV integration projects. This comes down to listening to what your clients say, understanding what they do, helping to identify the challenges they face, as well as their overall goals. This is also the time you should ensure that your client knows your processes and understands the full scope of your dleiverables, and is comfortable with all elements of the process, including the timeline.

Keep the conversation going as you encourage your clients to talk about the specific challenges they, as well as the end-users, are facing. This will not only help you up your clients’ comfort level, it will also give you insights into their real needs.

Enhance their ideas

Some clients come […]

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