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AMX Acquired By Harman Group: Any Effect On AMX Users?

For more than 25 years Advanced AV has been a partner to a number of the most popular technologies in the AV, IT and collaboration markets.

From Cisco to Polycom and NEC to Christie, we have long been loyal and committed to working with great vendors who develop great products.

In the 1990’s one of the product categories that really took off for audiovisual spaces was the integrated room system. Whereas before, carts supported many technology spaces and projectors (mostly due to price), with the lower prices and higher quality of projectors came a robust interest in permanent technology installed into meeting and learning spaces.

As more and more devices became part of the system. Items such as VHS, DVD, computers and more, the mere number of remotes became cumbersome and this drove the requirement of something intelligent that could offer easy control of all of the devices in the room.

With this came the birth of the logic based control system for audiovisual systems.

Over the next 20 years two companies would dominate this market, the first being AMX, which was the first and the second being Crestron, which is now the biggest.  Later on other entrants came into the market, most notably Extron, but as a whole the control market has evolved with the IT market and now much of the room control has moved from analog and IR to primarily IP control.

For the most part the players in the control market have stayed the same, but this past week for the second time in less than 10 years the first player in the control game has been acquired.

Back in 2005, AMX was acquired and taken private for the first time by Duchossois Industries. The group was best […]

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4 Tips For Enhancing Technology Use In The Classroom

Today’s classroom has come a long way since the days of creating transparencies for the overhead projector, or wheeling the TV/VCR combo to the front of the room to show a movie to the class. Modern education is all about interaction and engagement through multimedia. But the question is how do you do it? There are all sorts of great new technologies available, but what can you do with them? How can you use this technology to help your students learn better? Here are 4 ways of enhancing technology use in the classroom.

Connect with Other Students. One of the things technology does is to bring the world closer together. Your students have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world who share similar interests. And you have the opportunity to teach them how to do that in a safe, educational environment. Find and connect with other classrooms around the country and around the world, and chat with them via video conference. Find out what they’re learning and what their classroom life is like, and compare it to what your students are doing. You’ll both be able to learn from each other, and, hopefully, keep in touch throughout the rest of the year, or even beyond!
Create Videos. Anyone can show a movie in class. But it’s much more exciting to make one in class instead. Have your students create different types of videos based on the material they’re learning. Experiment with different formats and different techniques. You can have one be a documentary, one be a TV game show, another be a mystery or a sitcom, etc. While they’re learning the material, they can also be learning how to operate a camera, compose […]

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5 Great Applications For 4K Video Projection

4K resolution represents the cutting edge of HD video. With 4,000 pixels, it dwarfs 1080p, while creating a picture so clear that it practically looks real. And now, 4K is available not just in screens, but projectors. A retractable screen is easier to deal with than a giant television, and 4K resolution lets you avoid the blurry, washed out images that often come from other projectors. So how can you use this technology? Here are 5 applications for 4K video projection.

Business Meetings. Video conferencing is becoming a staple of modern business. With a video linkup, you can meet with someone on the other side of the world as easily as if you were in the same room with them. But huddling over a computer screen to see someone makes things awkward and uncomfortable, especially when there are multiple people in the room. Using a 4K projector puts the meeting on a screen for everyone to see clearly and interact with just like they were face to face.
Conferences. When addressing a conference room full of people, it’s important that everyone be able to see the presentation clearly. Projection screens are often used to show the speaker close up. They can also be used to present visual aids, or even to teleconference a speaker in from a remote location. With 4K video projection, you can give everyone a clear view of everything that’s going on, even if they’re sitting in the very back of the room.
Trade Shows. When you go to a trade show, one of your main goals is to get people’s attention, so they stop by your booth to see what you have to offer. One of the best ways to do that is to play a video. […]

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The Role of BYOD In Using and Managing Integrated AV Spaces

We know that technology is changing and nothing makes this more apparent than the fact that 90%+ of smart phone users are within arms reach of their device 24/7/365.

While this may not be you, I would be willing to bet that you know somebody who is this way and more likely than not, you know a few. Bottom line is we love our devices and if we were allowed to use them for everything in our lives, we would. Just think about what we are doing with them already.

Social Media
Calorie Counting
Product research and so much more

This list could be thousands of items long, but for this audience and this platform we want to tie it back to our customers and prospective clients. So let me ask a question; what is the role of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) within integrated AV spaces?

With iOS and Android applications coming out the woodwork there are seemingly applications for just about everything including the control of AV devices. Manufacturers have built applications for control systems, projectors, lighting and conferencing among many more, but just because they are available, should they be used?  Perhaps a better question is which are the applications that are good for the user versus which are good for the technology user?

For The Technology Manager: Over the last several years asset and room management have come a long way. The network opened this up and gave technology managers the ability to monitor and manage rooms from just about anywhere so long as the room is up and online.  The problem with these tools and applications is that many were built as dedicated tools that resided on a single machine that was in the tech manager’s office. […]

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