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Delivering Piece Of Mind With AV Monitoring Solutions

We’ve all at some level experienced the technology that fails us right as we need it most.

Perhaps it is during a demonstration or when you are trying to connect for an important videoconference.  Too often it seems to happen at the most inopportune times leaving us frenzied as we try to make due with what is working.

If “Imagine It” were enough to sell, we wouldn’t need technology at all, right?

Unfortunately, we do need our technology to work and Murphy’s Law has bit us all a few times.  Nevertheless if we were smart, we would learn from these situations.

While sometimes the circumstances that surround a botched demo or failed call are completely unavoidable, in today’s technology rich world, I believe the onus is on us more than ever to plan and prepare to make sure our technology works and of course have a plan b for when it doesn’t.
Is It Time To Monitor Our Presentation Technology?
When the CEO of your company walks into the boardroom with an expectation to do a video call with a client across the ocean and the system doesn’t work, how unhappy is she going to be?

Chances are in that moment she is going to want you to do whatever it takes to get the system running.  Noting that if it cannot be fixed quickly she would like to see the system removed and returned to whoever sold you the useless heap of garbage.

The exact rhetoric may somewhat vary, but the message stays the same:

This stuff is expensive and it should work!

A certain amount of planning can help avoid these things, such as testing out the tech a few minutes before the call, but realistically if a technician walks into the room […]

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Google Enters Business Video Market – What Does It Mean?

A lot of people would think that when perhaps the world’s most recognizable brand launches a hardware based video conferencing product that will be affordable for just about every business on the planet that it would make the competition nervous.

Well for those that haven’t heard, just this past week Google announced the launch of its “Google Chrome for Business” HD telepresence solution. This supposedly plug and play solution is promising to deliver HD video to up to 15 simultaneous sights and it sells for all of $999.99. (For just the hardware Unit – No Installation)

As a technology integrator and a passionate provider of collaboration technology to business, schools, government and more, let’s just say for us, this news is terrific. Perhaps some of the best news we have heard in sometime.

If you find yourself asking why, don’t feel alone, when we first read the news there were immediate butterflies in our stomachs as we felt the potential implications of the Google jumping into our market, but then we thought about it a little more and realized that Google’s involvement into Video Telepresence isn’t a negative thing, it is a huge positive as it is the ultimate validation of what we are doing.

How many people out there are getting the big thumbs up from Google? By entering this market Google is saying video is the real deal and we couldn’t agree with them more.
Disruption Driving Better Business (Video)
We all know that business video leads to better business outcomes. With on average of 8x better comprehension than a typical voice call, the need for collaborative video solutions has arrived.

For sometime we have been talking at Advanced […]

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What is Collaboration, Really?

This is the year that we put the weight of our team, our resources and our partnerships behind collaboration; A concept that is often thrown out in discussions of better employees, more productive workplaces and the most successful companies.

A word that represents so much but means so little, begging the question, what exactly is collaboration?

Not in the sense of what the dictionary or some other online source may say, but instead let’s talk about what collaboration means to our business and perhaps more importantly what collaboration should mean to your business.

Approximately 270 days a year most of us roll out of bed in the morning and take to some type of routine. Maybe your day starts with coffee and the newspaper, or maybe you jump on line and you check your Facebook page. Often we start our day by finding out what is going on in the world. Some of us start local and expand further out while others want to know about the biggest happenings.

Like clockwork, we do this day in and day out. But why do we do this?

Obviously many of us seek to stay informed. We aspire to know what is going on in our world. Being informed is a great springboard for conversation. As we walk into our offices we may pass by our coworkers, team members, a customer or supplier and we may just want to strike up a conversation.

“Hey, did you hear about the new iPhone,” or “How about those Eagles!”

This knowledge coupled with a few well-placed words is sometimes all that is needed to strike up a conversation. A dialogue of further meaning and the roots of something more; for when we couple people, information and a passion […]

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