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Advanced AV Welcomes Back Keith Clizbe, CTS as Production Manager

Keith Clizbe brings over twenty-seven years of direct experience in the audiovisual industry. Keith’s job responsibilities for Advanced AV will include management of Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Administrator, Fabrication, Technicians and Installers. Keith will work closely with Senior Management to develop and execute procedures. He will be challenged to develop new processes for projects and assist in strategic planning for the future.

Keith has certification in Microsoft Project Levels 1 and 2 and has achieved Extron’s AV Associate (EAVA) and Configurable Control Systems certifications. Keith has received numerous achievements from InfoComm International®, the premier international trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry, including accreditation as a “Certified Technical Specialist” (CTS), as well as Project Management and Technology Support Online certifications. In addition, Keith is a certified Manager of Environmental, Safety and Health Programs and OSHA trainer with over a dozen supplementary safety certificates. He also has extensive video production experience and electronic graphics training.

“We have worked very hard through the years to develop processes for Production, but as we continue to evolve, we want to have someone familiar with what it takes to deal with the landscape of A/V integration to help mold our teams. That said, we are extremely excited to announce our new Production Manager, and old friend, Keith Clizbe.” Michael Boettcher, President, Advanced AV

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Five focal points for the Classroom of the Future

As I began this article, I did a quick Google search to see what you might be seeing if you began your planning on the web. There were 226 MILLION pages on the topic.

Start to sort through the results and the array of articles you’ll find can be dizzying, each of them with a different take or focus on how technology and learning will merge in the years to come.

Sift through those articles, and the countless seminars and webinars on the subject, and you will see some patterns develop. Add to that our background of building hundreds, if not thousands of electronic classrooms, and those patterns get added to experience. The patterns begin to become tools and knowledge that can help you plan with confidence.

Fortunately, while technology is constantly changing, we’ve now lived in the techinical era of education long enough that we can see trends and learn from history a way that we couldn’t a decade ago.

What have we learned? In general, your planning will have to focus on five key points:

Changes in the classroom space – Effective use of technology, both what we are using today and the newer technologies that are emerging, also mean we have to rethink our classrooms spaces. How do we plan our space to make our investment in technology more effective? And how do we plan for now, yet create a space that can be effective as technology evolves?
Changes in the teacher’s role – As technology plays a larger role in teaching, the teacher’s role evolves too. Far from dehumanizing education, technology offers the possibility of making the teacher even more important in the process. But only if we understand and plan for the changes.
Connectivity – For the […]

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