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Do you want to improve productivity and privacy in your work place? The secret is Sound Masking

The modern work place is often open, busy and noisy. Nearly 80% of offices today are open-plan systems. This open space and team environment has many benefits in terms of collaborative thinking and more cost effective spaces, but there are often unintended consequences. Cubicles and loosely divided workspaces let the sound of speaker phones, computers and conversation drift up and out into the workspace. All this noise is often distracting, cuts productivity, and privacy is hard to come by.

And it’s not just offices that face this problem. Hospitals, pharmacies, law firms, educational facilities and others where you need privacy and productivity in an active, open environment also have this issue.

Traditional acoustics are only part of the answer. Today, when architects and space planners want to increase productivity and privacy, sound masking is a major part of the solution.

Sound Masking works by providing a constant, fixed level of unobtrusive background sound that covers, or dulls the intrusiveness office noises and speech. They produce a pattern of sound that is virtually unnoticeable in the day to day activity of a space, yet are at a level 4-5dB over the normal speech levels. This means that conversations in the cubicle next to you get “lost” in the noise, providing privacy. It also means that the distracting sound of phones ringing, computers playing media and other office equipment fade in the background, causing less of a distraction.

There’s a lot more to a sound masking system than just a few speakers and a cheap sound generator. Here are some things you should consider:

Careful attention to the noise patterns your masking system creates is vital. Some are intrusive and distracting and this often doesn’t show itself until you have […]

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Why Infocomm?

This year InfoComm is being held in Las, Vegas, and runs from June 9-15, with the exhibition running from June 13-15.

With budgets always tight, and busy work schedules, you may be wondering whether you should make the investment of time and money to go to InfoComm this year. Here are some issues you might want to consider:

InfoComm helps you plan for the future
nfocomm is the largest AV trade show in the nation, with over 925 vendors exhibiting. Walking the floor and seeing the directions vendor after vendor are going can give you a more complete vision for the future that the limited input of a few magazine ads or mailers. This in turn, means you can make better decisions.

InfoComm educates you
here are over 300 education sessions at InfoComm this year, led by experts in nearly every field and topic important to AV professionals. No where else will you have the opportunity to tap the minds and expertise of so many leaders in the industry.

InfoComm brings you together with your peers
For the week of InfoComm, over 34,000 AV professionals of all levels are gathered together in one place. It’s your chance to see what others are doing, what works for them, and to share ideas and solutions that are proven in the real world.

InfoComm cuts out the hype
All year long we are all bombarded with ads, mailers and e-mail marketing. But in AV, seeing is the proof that helps us make good decisions. InfoComm allows you to get hands-on experience with gear and systems you may be considering.

Whatever you are doing, it’s there
Many of us in AV wear a lot of hats. We manage technology. We are schedulers and managers. We develop content. We do digital […]

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May 2012

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