December 2011 - Advanced AV

Unified Communications – Human Extension Shapes the Way

This past week I slid my finger across my iPhone screen and was greeted by a beautiful Japanese Zen garden background that I had recently selected as wallpaper. A subtle beep alerted me that it was my turn in one of my Words with Friends games but this was not the reason I unlocked my phone. Instead of the game, I needed a phone number for a restaurant: Safari to the rescue. As I googled the restaurant’s name, an incoming text message alerted me a server was down at the office. I found the number I needed, and nimbly switched apps to YouTube and found a video about the restaurant I was interested in. With one easy click, I had the greeter on the phone and I made my reservation. I then remotely accessed the server at the office, made a simple correction and it was quickly back on-line.

In the course of a few minutes I had played a game, watched a video, made a phone call, contacted my office, scheduled a reservation, re-booted the server and checked my email: a unification of technologies in the palm of my hand, on my desktop at the office or my iPad at home. As we approach 2012, Audio Visual (AV) and Integrated Technologies (IT) have done more than just converge; they have simply melded into one unified form of communications.

About eight years ago, many leaders in the “Audio-Visual” integration field began accepting that AV and IT were merging. The “AV/IT Convergence” term began greeting attendees at major trade shows, appearing in industry newsletters and moving to the home page of many web sites. As this trend unfolded I saw changes occurring in the […]

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A New Era in Digital Signage for AstraZeneca

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