While the iPad 2 may seem like a catchy gadget for surfing the web, checking email, social networking, watching movies, and reading books, its usefulness extends much further as it has become a complete solution for staying connected, conferencing, control and presentations.

Apple’s forward thinking and innovations including the iPad2 have positively impacted the AV world and also have led manufacturers to adapt their products around this technology. Intuitive control, simplicity of use and interoperability define, in part, the iPad2. With its two built-in cameras, touch control, Facetime, HD video, video mirroring and myriad of apps, the iPad2 has it all.

In a survey conducted by GIGAOM and posted at Bloomberg BusinessWeek, …”97 percent of survey respondents carry two or more mobile devices and 26.3 percent said they intend to purchase an iPad within six months.  Signs are indicating that after the smartphone, the future enterprise device of choice for mobile workers will be an iPad.” This trending also shows up on social and business networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn and indicates that the iPad2 is helping people stay connected at work, at home and on the go.

In addition to the iPad being its own complete solution, businesses that have made substantial investments in telepresence and video conferencing equipment, smart classrooms and executive conference centers utilizing Crestron, AMX or other control system solutions can rest easy. These and many other manufacturers have been developing integrated tools for their enterprise and newer systems that take advantage of the powerful features in the iPad2.

For example, Crestron, a leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems was recently awarded “Best Mobile App to Manage AV Systems” by AV Technology Magazine as a part of its first annual […]