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Streaming Video’s Current Flows Faster

There was a time that if you wanted to watch your favorite television shows, you had to plan to be home at a certain hour on a given day of the week. Well those days seem like an even more distant memory as DVR’s and TiVo’s are joined by a vast array of online video streaming options. Americans are watching more and more television content online via sites like Hulu and Netflix, and from the look of it, the trend is on the rise.

The Nielsen Company, which is best known for the “Nielsen ratings” that gauge the viewing audience of television shows, is also tracking online video viewing. And well they should be, given the fact that earlier this year, Nielsen reported that “online video usage in the U.S. is up considerably from the same time last year as time spent viewing video on PC/Mac/laptops from home and work locations increased by 45 percent.” While the number of unique online video viewers increased by a modest 3.1 percent from last January, Nielsen noted that total video streams were “up 31.5 percent to 14.5 billion streams.”

It looks like those numbers are going to keep going up in 2011. Nielsen’s March numbers indicated that “all of the top 10 U.S. video brands saw an increase in unique video viewers from the previous month.”

So what are people watching online? Not surprisingly, YouTube retains a solid number-one rating in Nielsen’s numbers, and Hulu and Netflix continue to anchor the entertainment options online. But internet users are also looking for more streamed news content, Nielsen reported: “The fastest-growing among the top brands—and new to the top 10 during March—was CNN Digital Network with a 60 percent increase in unique U.S. […]

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April 2011

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Get With the Program (The Program’s Content)

The digital signage market is booming, but profitability increasingly means providing clients with content, including advertising. Here’s why.

By: Tim Kridel (featured in ProAV Magazine)

Selling Content

Name: Vince Faville
Title: Digital Signage Market Development Manager, Advanced AV Location: West Chester, Pa.
Need to Know: The AV integrator long ago set up a unit that handles digital signage. It used to refer clients to a thrid-party content provider but now sells that partners services under the Advanced AV brand.

Advertising ultimately is just another type of content, which is something that a growing number of integrators are adding to their signage port folio. “Selling the hardware and network without considering content is like installing plumbing in a house and not hooking it into a water source,” says AVI-SPL’s Vogt.

Nonadvertising content includes just about everything under the sun, such as video of a client’s CEO presenting a keynote at a trade show followed by reminders about health insurance open enrollment. Regardless of what it is, somebody has to create and manage it.

“Four years ago, we started a content division, and that’s been growing steadily,” says Alpha Video’s Hutchinson. “We’ve had another record year with that. We probably wouldn’t close 50 percent of the business that we close without our content division.”

Why? Although small businesses might seem like the most likely candidates for outsourcing content–and they are–integrators offering this service say that midsize and large enterprises also are highly receptive. One reason is that, especially in this economy, those enterprises often prefer not to add or retask staff for tasks that don’t generate immediate revenue.

For clients who […]

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