January 2011 - Advanced AV

Bright Future

ON THE ADVANCE: Mirroring national trends, 2010 was a year of strengthening recovery for Advanced AV. Economic indicators and anecdotal evidence, say its principals, point to a return to pre-recession form, both for Advanced AV and the overall industry.
“At the end of 2009 we straightened up a bit,” says company President Mike Boettcher. “That set us up for a very good 2010, and a good beginning to this year. Although it’s tough to anticipate what’s down the road, all indications so far are that things seem to be bouncing back. The activity is still high, and that’s a good sign.”
Advanced AV was recently honored with a DIGI Award for services provided to two Swiss Farms locations. Digital signage, predicts VP of Marketing & Sales John Greene, will continue to foster Advanced AV’s growth in 2011. “We’re also very intent on focusing on our service contracts and Managed Services Offering,” he adds. “We’ve had great success this past year in that. One of the service staffing opportunities that we were involved in brought us international exposure. We’ve been very successful and anticipate continued success and growth for Advanced in this area.”
A commitment to exemplary service is demonstrated by Advanced AV’s 24/7 ROW solution, a “24/7/365 rest-of-world response,” says Greene, that is presently being developed and introduced to existing customers. “Many of our clients,” he explains, “are multiple-location, international companies. Our clients are requiring that deliverable; we have met that obligation over the past year and are anticipating growth for 2011.”
Among projects completed in 2010 were a nurse training simulation center for a healthcare facility; and a corporate training solution utilizing live video situational simulation exercises, together with streaming and test archival review to classroom spaces.

Though it’s […]

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January 2011

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Advanced AV Receives DIGI Award

Advanced AV, a systems integration firm serving the mid-
Atlantic region, has received a DIGI Award for its retail digital signage implementation for the Swiss
Farms chain of drive-thru grocers. Co-produced by NewBay Media’s Digital Signage Magazine and the
Digital Signage Group, the annual DIGI Awards recognize outstanding integrators, content providers, and
product manufacturers.

In the same month in which Advanced AV once again placed in NewBay Media’s Systems Contractor
News Top 50 Systems Integrator listing, Advanced AV’s dedicated digital signage division, Advanced
Technologies Group (ATG) earned the company the distinguished DIGI recognition. Taking the prize
for the “Digital Signage in a Retail Store, Local Rollout” category, Advanced AV was featured in the
December 2010 issue of Digital Signage Monthly magazine and on www.digitalsignageweekly.com. More
in-depth coverage of DIGI Award winners will appear in The Digital Signage Best Practices Guide in
February 2011.

“We are thrilled to receive the DIGI Award for a project which exemplifies Advanced AV’s design and
engineering innovation in the digital signage space,” said Paul Grafinger, founder and CEO of Advanced
AV. “To us, the recognition comes as an added bonus to the success we’ve had in working with the client
on the Swiss Farms project. This is one of our showcase installations, and as Swiss Farms continues to
expand, we’ll be bringing the award-winning design to each of its stores.”

A regional chain based in Pennsylvania, Swiss Farms opened its first drive-thru grocery store in 1968. The
rapidly expanding company opened a new flagship store in Millmont Park, PA this year, and Advanced
AV created a new, high-tech way to advertise product offerings to drivers on the road and with customized
menu content in the drive-thru lanes.

“Replacing static signage with flat-panel video displays and custom-created animated content makes
it possible for Swiss Farms to easily adjust their sales highlights to correspond […]

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